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Bulk mailer boxes are in huge demand. They can be used for a wide variety of purposes and can help build your brand.


If you're looking to design the best in custom mailer packaging, you must go to the right place. Many companies develop mailer boxes of top quality, and you can customize not only the box shape but design and color as well.


No matter what design you choose, their wholesale mailer packaging team will make it for you. You can craft custom made mailing boxes quickly, and pick the manufacturing paper, coating, and select other services that they provide to their packaging clients.


Mailing boxes with an extra tab lock for added security. These boxes are made of pink corrugated and packed flat and unfolded. They are die-cut for cleaner edges and more precise dimensions and assemble without tape. It's recommended to pre-fold for easier assembly. All aspects are inside, and the last aspect in depth.


Tuck top mailer boxes



These tuck top mailer boxes are made of durable corrugated cardboard and feature a convenient one-piece tab lock design and die-cut edges. Tuck top design folds to create triple-thick sidewalls for support and security.


These boxes are available in the market in a wide variety of sizes and styles and various colors; among them, Pink mailer boxes are in high demand because it can be used for multi-purposes and its perfect for e-commerce retailers.


Tuck Top Corrugated Mailing Boxes


These boxes can be folded two ways: fold from box back panel to form a second internal bottom or roll from box bottom.


These boxes are simple to use, and they are made of white "E" flute corrugated. Just open, insert your product, remove the protective tape from the adhesive strip and seal, as shown here. For added protection, apply carton sealing tape to reinforce the ends.


Dimensions are also provided by many companies in the order of length x width x depth.

With their variety-depth box design, these die-cut boxes offer a lot of flexibility as to how much they can hold. Die-cut and scored at 1/2-inch intervals, these custom mailer boxes may be folded to any of a range of depths indicated. All dimensions are inside. The last aspect gives the minimum and the maximum variable extent.


The Colored Mailer Boxes wholesale



These colored corrugated mailer boxes are in high demand and grab the customer's attraction in just minutes. These innovative boxes are available in a variety of sizes and gorgeous colors. Perfect for small business owners wanting to ship products to their customers in a unique and durable mailing box.


Also, it makes a great gift box and product packaging box. These mailing boxes feature a tab lock tuck top that will keep your items secure.


Many companies manufacture them and ship these boxes in flat form. Assembly will be easy to fold together and does not require any adhesives to hold its shape. Sizes are the outside dimensions of the box.


Matte Colored Corrugated Mailing Boxes are FDA compliant, food-safe, made from "E" flute corrugated, and contain 40-45% recycled content. The eco-friendly material makes these boxes trendier and more valuable in this plastic society.


Holiday mailer boxes


We all wish to see something innovative and unique and need it to make our product packaging more amazing and mesmerizing. Many companies produce mailer boxes, custom mailer boxes, colored and printed mailer boxes. But have you seen the most trendy and freaky mailer boxes The Holiday Mailer Boxes that are new in the market and grab the eye in minutes?


These mailer boxes can be used for the packaging of the product as well as these boxes can also be used for gift purposes to beloved ones. if you want to get mailer boxes with your brand logo to visit The Cosmetic Boxes

Custom Display Boxes:

Display boxes are important for the retailing purpose because they readily attract the customer towards the product. You can get different shapes, designs and colors of your display boxes with inner lamination. If you want to display your chapsticks in your retail store then don’t worry, you can avail the Hang Tab customized display boxes, in which you can place more than dozen chapsticks and hanged the boxes with the help of hook, it will readily catch the attention of your customers and they do not have to scan the shelves. Display boxes are also easy to assemble.

Image result for retail display boxes

Get the eye-catching colors for your custom display boxes which gives your product a bright vivid appearance. Furthermore, if you are a cosmetic retailer and you wants to print the names of lip gloss shades you placed in the display box then don’t worry, the names will be very efficiently print on your customized retail box. Emboss the brands name, your retail store name and its address on your customized display boxes which will surely increase your branding.

Favor pillow boxes

Gift giving is quite an old and common trend whereas usually family members, friends or love ones exchange gifts. People present valuable or something favorite of their love ones in order to make them overjoyed. Gifts play major role in intensifying the relationships due to which people become more closer. They try to wrap their gifts in most beautiful boxes as they want to make their gifts more presentable. For this instance, they can opt for favor pillow boxes which are actually made up of cardboard sheets. These boxes are unique due to which gift receiver will feel special and overwhelming.

Furthermore, these boxes are also used for packaging of cakes or sweets to present to person whom you will visit. These boxes can be designed in any of desired while looking to the product which you want to present. Other than this, if you want to deliver any special message to your love ones these favor pillow boxes can be helpful. In addition, you can mention best wishes as well on these boxes regarding any festive occasion. Additionally, any image can also be printed on these boxes with respect festivities. Picture of Christmas tree on Christmas or snap of hear or couple on these boxes can be printed.


Sleeve packaging

Variety of styles of boxes are used all across the globe according to different characteristics of products. One of most used and most effective style of boxes is sleeve packaging which can be designed to wrap several products for their protection. These boxes are actually consisted of two parts; one is known as container of product or tray where as other is termed as sleeve which will cover the products by slipping in. These boxes are usually used in packaging of match sticks, small ornaments and so many other things as these boxes are easy to operate with and safe enough as well. Simply you have to slide its lid and pick up your product and then slide that lid again to cover other products.

Image result for sleeve packaging

These boxes can be designed in variety of sizes according to attributes of boxes for their protection purposes. Other than this these boxes are general rectangular in shape but can be designed in square shaped as well. Furthermore, these boxes will help you in promotion of your company as they can be printed as well with essential information of company and products. In addition, sleeve boxes can do wonders for you if you design them in variety of colours according to different nature of customers.

Pillow packaging boxes

People often present favorite items of their loved ones as a gift to feel them special and their bond become stronger due to exchange of gifts. They are careful in presentation of their gifts so they try to opt creative and different packaging boxes. Pillow packaging boxes are unique for packaging of gift items and they can easily be customized. The customization of pillow packaging boxes is highly depend upon product which you want to gift. Pillow boxes customized in perfect size is essential for safety of gift item otherwise gift product will damage which can spoil the mood of your loved one.

You can specially present ornaments, sweets, chocolates, perfumes or any favorite item of your dearest person by wrapping in pillow boxes. These boxes can be modified with inclusion of special add-ons to enhance the beauty of boxes so they will be more presentable. Handle can be added on top of boxes to conveniently hold and carry the box which can reduce the risk of damage of your gift. In the presentation of gift most important add-on is to wrap your packaging box with bright and alluring colored ribbon. Furthermore, if you want to deliver special message to your loved one secretly then you can print it on the pillow boxes. These boxes are handy in the presentation of gifts as they are safe to present gifts and adorable as well to enhance mood of your beloved person.

3 Reasons to Get CBD Boxes to Increase Your Sales



Going through a brief introduction of CBD, or Cannabinoids, they exist in a Cannabis plant and are used for healing purposes. CBD Boxes are in immense demand these days as they provide an extensive and refined way of packaging your products. Ranging from an array of products, CBD Gift Boxes are also in trend to provide authenticity to the product and helps in keeping its contents together.

CBD Boxes

Different materials are involved in the manufacturing of CBD boxes and they’re topped with countless styling and designing techniques. Crafting the right packaging comes with a lot of decisions. Choosing the material that keeps your product safe, providing a design that safeguards its scintillating look, and above all, taking care of the quality may sound intimidating at first but they are easily adjusted.

We help with some of the tips that will not only help you in selecting the right packaging for your product but will also help in CBD gift boxes that could prove to be an astonishing gift. Let’s find out what are the main reasons behind CBD boxes being must-haves for industrial and home use.

CBD Boxes

1 – Custom CBD Boxes Wholesale rates are budget-friendly:

One of the most undervalued reasons is CBD Boxes being budget-friendly. Being packaged in an eco-friendly Kraft paper, CBD Boxes provide a great deal of budgeting technique. Above all, you can also send Custom Cheap CBD Gift Boxes to your loved or dear ones. They can be utilized as prodigious gifts that are entirely different from other cliché day-to-day gifts.

2 – Ease of Usage:

Since they’re largely used in medical and healing purposes like relieving anxiety and pain, reduce anxiety, benefit heart health, and offer innumerable health advantages, CBD Boxes should be treated likewise. Packaging them inside a box that is immune to environmental damage and resistant to outer damage is the only way to make it feasible for consumer usage.

Customers will never buy a product that is packaged inside a rigid box and difficult to unpack. Since the targeted audience is mostly above forty years of age, CBD boxes must be packaged in a way that they are easy and instant to use. As beneficial and valuable the product is, the packaging should serve the same purpose. You definitely do not want the essence or oil to be spilled inside the box. The contents should be kept tight and easy to use later on.

3 – Fickle Customization of Custom CBD Boxes:

Custom Printed CBD Boxes provide a plethora of customization options to choose from. With strengthening durability, CBD Boxes are also provided with customizations of designs. What more could one ask for? Having the luxury to choose from and design your boxes to your taste adds an extra touch of versatility.


The diverse range of products like E-liquids, Hemp Oils, Vape Cartridges or even Tincture boxes for that matter, all require decent packaging. There is no need to contemplate your choices. Just choose the right material, add a proper style or design on top of it, and if the budget still allows you to move further, add some coatings on top of it to bring a scintillating look.

Packaging does not only promote your product, but it also promotes your brand and company as well. From food edibles to massage creams, the list of CBD products is never-ending. Imagine the increase in sales if the packaging becomes as good as the product itself. Not only will it become a tool to promote your brand but it will also serve as a reminder to other businesses about how much packaging is important.

Source: http://www.thecosmeticboxes.com

Perks of having Decorative Mailer boxes

When we hear the name of mailer boxes the very first thing which comes in our mind is that they are only use for sending mails. But this is not true at all. Basically, a mailer box is a corrugated box that is depicted to store and send your product.  They are the best choice for sending valuable and postal items. Therefore, they are ideal for sending gifts on a special occasion.

Additionally, numerous types of mailer boxes are available in the market. Moreover, boxes can be made in any material, color, foiling, printing and so on. It depends upon the choice of the customer what they want. Many companies are working in the market and supplying these best Custom Decorative Mailer Boxes to their customers. However, shopkeepers also want appealing designs for their retail shelves to grab and attract more customers towards the product. This will help to boost their sales too. Companies supply wholesale mailer boxes in a very reasonable price. Besides, many companies including one of the very well know companies The cosmetic boxes are offering free home delivery services for their clients too.

Different designs of mailer boxes:

Mailer boxes are available in many designs. Various companies are providing custom decorative mailer boxes. Following are the designs listed below:

  • Double-wall front tuck end mailer box
  • Front tuck end mailer box
  • Roll on front tuck end mailer box
  • Telescopic mailer box

You guys are totally free to select the shape and color of your choice.

Material for the mailer boxes:

Different materials are used in the making of these boxes. Additionally, these are use for shipment or mails.  

Customers prefer corrugated material typically. Even though, boxes can be made in card stock, cardboard and rigid stock too. Boxes provide solid safety to all the products inside it.


Boxes can be ordered in any design, shape, and size. Depending on the desire of the consumer. Die-cut window, PVC window, Glossy/Matte and spot UV finishing along with embossing and debossing and glitters, ribbons, jewels are also obtainable. You can alter these boxes in any shape. Moreover, its size also varies according to product size.

Printing for Custom mailer boxes:

Custom mailer boxes are also available in the market. These boxes are highly reliable. Moreover, they are customize according to our customers. Color, size, shape, and printing are fully maintained and it depends on the customer’s taste. Any logo, message, picture can be printed on the box.

Various printing technologies like offset, digital and flexography are also available. Two colors like CMYK and PMS are also there for our clients. These boxes create a sophisticated aura around the product. Different companies take orders to customize mailer boxes in bulk.

 Safety of the product:

Boxes are thick enough to provide sturdy protection to the products inside it. Double layered boxes cater to full protection to the items. They keep them safe from the heat and breakage during shipping. The structure of boxes is enough to keep all the items safe in it.

mailer boxes and its use:

Boxes are use for so many different purposes. On different occasions, boxes can be present as gifts. It is better to flaunt your gift in a beautiful packaging.

Custom mailer boxes are the best to create a proper image of your product. They look more eye-catching and versatile. Moreover, you can also use these boxes as cartons for sending various products.

Companies working for the assistance of customers:

Many companies are working hard to assist their customers in the best possible way. Hence, they are putting all their efforts to satisfy their customers. For this purpose, they are providing free customer care services. Moreover, they help their customers in deciding each specification of boxes without any cost. Many companies in the market are providing the best and pocket-friendly decorative mailer boxes. Therefore, go and grab some fantastic deals from them without any delay.


Source: http://www.thecosmeticboxes.com